Winter 2017 Concert FAQ: St. Ludwigskirche

Special Charity Weihnachtskonzert – CONCERT DAY SCHEDULE

When & Where?

Dec. 3, 2017 14:00 – 16:00 Concert FAQ (St. Ludwigskirche), Ludwigsstrasse 22, 80539, München

Nearest Public Transport:

U3 in the direction of Moosach and U6 towards Fröttmaning. For other connections please check the MVV app.

Parking: Park One, Türkenstraße 84, 80799 München. Stopping / parking in front of the church is very difficult!

Admission: free

Entrance is free, however people will be asked to donate the money for charity. Please make sure to invite colleagues mainly, as Munich businesses will have a strong interest in charity activities. In addition, the participation of Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter of Munich will surely guarantee a lot of publicity.

There are 3 associated charities with this concert:

  1. The charities are the Initiative krebskranke Kinder München e.V.:
  2. Münchener Elternstiftung-Lichtblicke für schwerkranke und krebskranke Kinder:
  3. Elterninitiative Intern 3 im Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderspital München e.V.:

Arrival Times Ensembles & Crew

**Please note that for this concert we will not have rehearsal time at the church and only a very short time to get ready. Please do not arrive earlier than indicated as the concert organizers need time and space to set up before we arrive.


Please note on the middle and right photo: these are the areas where respectively orchestra and choir will be seated/stand. 

12:30h – Conductors & Concert team arrive (Annie and Marije)

13:00h – Orchestra members arrive in concert dress. Please leave all cases in the chapel, behind the transept on the right.

13:15h – Singers arrive in concert dress, please be seated in the choir section, at the far end of the church, behind the transept. Chapel is staging area for orchestra only.

14:00h – CONCERT STARTS, concert running = 2 hours no intermission. Concert in 3 parts:

  1. Paul Daly Band (6 pax) & Dieter Reiter, Lord Mayor of Munich on guitar
  2. Cillian’s ensemble (6 pax) – sing along, children are invited to stand on the transept

Short interlude – interview with charity reps. During the interview, Paul Daly’s team will assist in distributing chairs and music stands with Team ESME, set up in 5 minutes. At beginning of interviews, orchestra assembles in rows, by section on left and right (in equal parts) of the transept. Move to chairs as soon as concert team gives signal all chairs & stands are ready

  1. Ca. 15.15h ESME orchestra and choir

Concert order

1 The Complete Harry Potter  0:10:38

During applause choir quickly moves in lines, in sections, and assembles in equal parts left and right of the transept. Folder underneath arm, away from the audience / left when assembling left of transept and vice versa. Move to designated places on steps behind the orchestra. All men in the middle, altos and sopranos bleeding over on the sides. Compact stacking, please and settle quickly so Léa can give us the pitch. First piece from memory!! Once in place ALL hold folder under left arm. 

2 Carol of the Bells Music by M. Leontovich, arr. Peter J. Wilhousky 0:01:30

3 Mo Ghile Mear (My Gallant Hero) Traditional Irish, arr. Desmond Early 0:04:00

4 Blessing Katie Moran Bart 0:02:49

5 The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy Carol from Trinidad, arr. Drew Collins & Brenda Ellis 0:04:10

6 Messiah: And He Shall Purify George Frederic Handel 0:02:18

7 Messiah: For Unto Us George Frederic Handel 0:04:01

8 Messiah: Hallelujah Chorus George Frederic Handel 0:03:48

9 A Christmas Festival Leroy Anderson, arr. Russell Robinson 0:06:37

TOTAL Playing time  0:39:51

On completion we take bows, watch Benedikt for the timing of the bows.
@Choir: close your folder and wrap under your arm, once Benedikt has turned to face the audience. NOT EARLIER.

After the concert we’ll need ca. 3-4 ESME people to collect chairs and music stands.

Please Be Mindful of

Please be mindful that we are guests at the church and it is a place of worship (not a concert venue). Important details to the smooth running of the concert.

  • There are no private rooms for changing or backstage toilets for hair and makeup. We expect you to arrive concert-ready
  • @Choir: please warm up at home
  • The chapel is reserved for orchestra members only to keep their instrument cases and as it is small, please do not bring any unnecessary personal items. Please travel light. For choir members: there is no separate space reserved where you can leave personal items. Same applies.
  • Please do not bring any food. Any water bottles: keep them with you (in your bag) whilst not performing and please don’t leave them underneath the benches. Please keep candy wrappers in your purse/bag.
  • @Choir: From the moment of arrival and from the start of the concert, please remain in the choir section or chapel for the orchestra. Please do not stand in the rectory area or hallways in the back of the church, behind the north transept. This area is to remain clear, mainly for security reasons
  • Dress code Orchestra
    * Men: black trousers, white shirts, black jacket (preferred), black shoes; Women: all black
    * Red accent; women can also wear shoes in these colors, men can wear these colors or seasonally-themed tie, bow tie or pocket square. Please reserve the Christmas head attire for the ESME concert on December 10. Please note that it will be cold in the church.
  • Dress code Singers
    * Men: black trousers, white shirts, black jacket, black shoes; Women all black, black shoes
    * Red accent; women should wear accent above the waist and visible from the front, men can wear these colors or seasonally themed tie, bow tie or pocket square. Please reserve the Christmas head attire for the ESME concert on December 10. Black with a red detail (tie, hair/shawl), black shoes (preferably flats / soft heels, the echo in the church is strong), black sheer tights (no nude colours, please) for the ladies. Remember it will be cold in the church, but we want to avoid having to perform in our coats (as we would all then have to wear black coats); for some orchestra members this will not even be an option. So while you are waiting, please keep your coat on.
  • Don’t forget: Orchestra – please bring your own music stand and clip lights. Your music must be in a black folder! Singers – you must have your music in a black folder with your name in it!

Where do we go post-concert?


We have a reservation at 16:30 at Café an der Uni for 30 people, under the name Cory — warm, and should have space for instrument cases.  Just a couple doors down the street at Ludwigstraße 24, 80539 München.

Hals- und Beinbruch!