Spring 2018 Concert FAQ (Einstein Kulturzentrum)

Where and When is the Concert?

Einstein Eingang bei Nacht mit BesucherSunday 22 April 2018 @ 16:00

Einstein Kulturzentrum <-Google Map Link

Halle 1 (downstairs), Einstein Kultur
Einsteinstrasse 42
81675 München


GETTING INSIDE: At the building, walk through the archway. Enter the building on the right. Halle 1 is downstairs.

Nearest Public Transport to Max-Weber Platz
U-Bahn: U4 and U5
Trams: 15, 16, 19 and 25

Nearest Parking: There is no parking for performers.  Using public transit is highly encouraged!  

Audience Parking: APCOA Parkhaus Hofbräukeller <-Google Maps Parkplatz Link

How much are tickets and how do I get them?

COST: Adults 15€    Children (12 and under) 5€   Students (with school ID card) 10€ Children 5 or under sitting on adult’s lap – Free

PURCHASE tickets online HERE -> Verein Online Ticketing Site
(Online ticket system will probably only close Sunday morning — a change from the original plan! Gen Cory)

BOX OFFICE: opens @ 3pm (if there are any tickets left over which were not sold in advance!)

When should I arrive?

This is the concert day outline (more details to come, so check back!):

12:00 – Transition Team Arrives
12:30 –  ESME Singers Arrive
14:00 – Ad-Hoc Ensemble Performers Arrive 
15:10-15:30 Photos
16:00 Showtime!

ENCORE: Shut De Doh

*ALL PERFORMERS (singers and ensemble musicians) please remember: Music has to be secured in a black folder.
*No food or drink will be provided; eat before arriving and/or bring what you need.

What is the dress code?

We have a little room to get ready at the venue, but not much.  Come dressed in concert attire. (A Short break will be provided before photos to make hair/make-up/tie adjustments.)
  • black dress or trousers/skirt with top
  • silk or paper flower of any colour/s (except black or white) worn at chest height or above
  • black shoes
  • Black trousers
  • all-black shirt (not grey/white or with a pattern)
  • tie or bow tie of any colour/s (not black or white)
  • black shoes
  • optional: black suit jacket
Please decide on your own outfits, whether coordinated within the ensemble or otherwise. The guideline is dressy or at least smart casual. (Jeans or very casual clothing would not be appropriate in view of how the other performers will be attired.) *You do NOT need to bring your own music stands!

Facilities: We should have 1 dressing room with a toilet and a shower, plus a few seats and mirrors with lights for makeup.  This will not be locked during performance, so leave your valuables at your own risk.  We will use Halle 2 as our ‘backstage’ during the concert.

What is the Concert Order?

  • Now is the Month of Maying (ESME SINGERS)
  • Shenandoah (ESME SINGERS)
  • It’s Oh So Quiet (ESME SINGERS + David Freer)
  • Voices of Earth (ESME SINGERS)
  • Ugoy ng Duyan (Alvin Soledad Selfa-Lück, Léa Vernisse)
  • Kegelduette, KV 487 I: Allegro, III: Andante, XII: Allegro (Marie Lechler, Jane Ross)
  • The Vagabond (Jason Meade, Léa Vernisse)
  • Spanish Love Song / Annie’s Song (Elaine Cole, Pung Worathiti Manosroi, Caroline Schoeffler)
  • ​Medley: Jungle Drums + The Breeze and I​ (David Freer, Mark Hammond, Armin Holnaicher, Uchenna Udeh, Léa Vernisse)
  • INTERVAL (20:00 min)
  • Kegelstatt Trio, KV 498 I: Andante (José Antonio Casas, Jérémie Saverot, Alissa Wiengarten)
  • First Solo for Violin, BWV 1001 (Benedikt Holnaicher)
  • I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today (Caroline Schoeffler)
  • Breakfast Wine (Henri Dupuis, Davy Kazan, Pung Worathiti Manosroi)
  • El Vito (ESME SINGERS + Raynard Blampied, Léa Vernisse)
  • I Heard It Through the Grapevine* (ESME SINGERS)
  • Shut De Do* (ESME SINGERS + David Freer)
  • Lonesome Valley* (ESME SINGERS)
  • Nothin’ Gonna Stumble * (ESME SINGERS)

*ESME Singers – memorized

Encore: Shut De Do!

Where is the After-Party?

Unionsbräu, Einsteinstraße 42 right next door to Einstein Kulturzentrum!

Everyone is welcome! – Please arrive promptly. (We have a large reservation)
There is a special menu for us, including vegetarian options.