Members’ FAQ

This page is especially for current and potential members, and covers a wide range of frequently asked questions.


What language is used in rehearsals?

All rehearsals are in English.

When does my ensemble rehearse/perform/party next?

Check the calendar that you can find linked from the right-hand side of this FAQ and from the footer on every page — or click here.


We do communicate with members mostly via email — Instructions on How do I filter my ESME emails? are on a separate page.

Membership Fees

How much are membership fees?

Membership fees are EUR 10 per year and are valid until December 31st of that year.

I’m an existing member, when do I need to pay membership fees?

The membership fee must be paid annually by all active members at the beginning of the year (January) and are valid until 31st December. Active members are all members who have not officially handed in their notice in writing to resign from the association as stated in the charter. You will receive an invoice to remind you to pay.

I’m considering joining, when do I need to pay membership fees?

All potential members can rehearse with any or all of the ensembles for 4 weeks before choosing to become a member. New members pay when they complete the membership registration form and submit it via a board member.

Why do we pay membership fees?

Membership fees cover the operational costs of the club such as insurance, legal and accounting fees that are required to operate the organization. They must be paid by all members who have not cancelled their membership in an orderly manner (as defined in the charter) to the end of the previous year.

How do I pay my membership fees?

You can pay your fees by bank transfer to the ESME account, given at the bottom of the page. Each member should pay separately, even if paying from the same bank account.


What are subscriptions and why do we pay them?

All musicians who attend any rehearsals and/ or perform in ESME concerts or gigs must pay subscriptions to cover the costs of the rehearsals, music and all other costs relating directly to making music with ESME. Each member should pay separately, even if paying from the same bank account.

What if I play in multiple ensembles?

Members participating in multiple ensembles only pay the subscription for the most expensive ensemble. This means that members can also participate in all ensembles for the same subscription amount.

Do I have to pay if I’m not attending rehearsal regularly?

Successful concerts and gigs require regular rehearsal attendance by all members so subscriptions are not prorated based on attendance. Subscriptions are payable to cover a number of things which are irrelevant of attendance. If you are actively participating in any concert or gig within a season or you regularly attend rehearsals without performing, we expect you to participate in financing the season through your subscription payments.
There are reduced rates for students and unemployed/ people on low income. Please ask for details.

How do I pay my subscriptions?

You can pay your subscriptions by bank transfer to the ESME account, given at the bottom of the page.
We offer three payment options:
1. An annual lump sum payment: €160.00 (payable in January)
2. A season payment (for six months, due January and July respectively; each season accounting for half of the annual fee): €80.00
3. A monthly transferral (over 12 months; each payment accounting for a rounded twelfth of the annual fee). For this you can set up a standing order at your bank. €13.50

We split the year into two seasons and any participation within the seasons (Jan – Jun; Jul – Dec) requires payment of that entire season. The amount payable per year can vary according to our budget.

You will only receive an invoice on subscription payments if you are in arrears at the end of a season.

ESME Documents

Where can I read important ESME documents?

Bank Account

Name: ESME e.V.

Account: 0350400800
Bankleitzahl: 70070024 (Deutsche Bank)
IBAN: DE41 7007 0024 0350 4008 00
Purpose/Zweck: [YEAR] Membership – [YOUR NAME]
Purpose/Zweck: [YEAR] Subscription – [YOUR NAME]