Dec. 10, 2017 16:00 Concert FAQ (Künstlerhaus)

ESME Winter Concert
´A Christmas Festival´
Sunday 10 December 2017 @ 4pm

Festsaal, Münchner Künstlerhaus

**ALL performers are expected to attend their ensemble rehearsal. Please note your ensemble’s arrival time.

09:00 – Transition Team arrive
10:00 – Singers arrive & rehearse
11:00 – Orchestra arrives
11:15 – Orchestra tune & rehearse
12:00 – Lunch break choir (excl. soloists)
12:20 – Orchestra lunch break
12:15 – Big Band, set up team arrive
13:00 – Full Big Band arrive, set up instruments & warm up
13:45 – Sound check BB
14:15 – Photo session – all
15:00 – Box Office team to places
15:30 – House opens – ushers to places
16:00 – Concert commences

Detailed schedules for the day will be posted at the venue. NOTA BENE request to all performers: if you want to get drinks from the bar, please get them before or after intermission and only have audience members getting drinks during intermission. Thus to avoid unnecessary queues during our short intermission. Bar will be staffed with 4 pax.

Where: Festsaal, Münchner Künstlerhaus
Lenbachplatz 8, 80333 München
Location on google map

The entrance to the Künstlerhaus is around the corner from L’Osteria – on the left side of the building- in Maxburgstr.
Walk diagonally across the courtyard to the main door.
The ESME room for today is the Clubroom is on the third floor. The Festsaal is on the first floor, up the stairs.

Please take ALL of your things (instruments, bags, etc.) to the Clubroom when you arrive in the morning. Be certain to leave the chairs clear!
There are some bathrooms upstairs where you can change but space is still limited. There are mirrors for hair and makeup.
More details at

Nearest Public transport:
S-Bahn, U4 and U5 to Karlsplatz (Stachus)
Tram 19 from Hauptbahnhof to Lenbachplatz
Vinci Park Garage im Oberpollinger, Maxburgstraße,

You can buy them here:

Category A: € 18 (9 reduced)
Category B: € 14 (7 reduced)
Category C: € 8
For your orientation: The balcony located directly opposite the stage is Category A, while the left balcony is Category B. Category C is downstairs, furthest from the stage (rows 13 and beyond).  All seating is open within each section: first come, first served. If you have special requirements, like you’re bringing a small child and would like to be seated near the door, add a note in the Note field while ordering, and the ushers can reserve a spot for you.

Children up to the age of 6 are free if they will sit on an adult’s lap (Schoßkinder) and they do not need tickets.


If any tickets are still available, there will be an Abendkasse opening at 3pm on concert day at Künstlerhaus.

After Party:
We have a booking from 19:15 to 23:15 at Augustiner Gaststätte in the Weißer / Grüner Saal (the room has two names!)
Neuhauserstraße 27, 80331 Munich
Everyone is welcome
Map and directions

Don’t forget:

  • Orchestra – music stands will be provided and your music must be in a black folder!
  • Singers – you must have your music in a black folder with your name in it!

Dress Code
Big Band
* all black
* maroon suspenders
* vocalists exempt!

* Men: black trousers, white shirts, black jacket (preferred), black shoes; Women: all black
* red accent; women can also wear shoes in these colors, men can wear these colors or seasonally themed tie, bow tie or pocket square

* Men: black trousers, white shirts, black jacket, black shoes; Women all black, black shoes
* red accent; women should wear accent above the waist and visible from the front, men can wear these colors or seasonally themed tie, bow tie or pocket square

NB All singer: if you have a christmas-themed headgear at home, please bring it on the day so we can use that during the final encore.

  • No food or drink will be provided at the venue. The venue will operate a bar during intermission (please allow the audience to get their drinks first if you want to join your guests – the intermission is only 20 minutes).

Concert Running Time: approximately 2 hours, including intermission

Program part I (Choir & BB):
Carol of the Bells
Opening words by Annie
Mo Ghile Mear (My Gallant Hero)
O Nata Lux
The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy
Variations on Deck the Hall
Transition to BB
The Lady Is A Tramp
Mas Que Nada
On the Street Where You Live
Everything – Michael Bublé
Baby It’s Cold Outside
Annie outtro of first half
Uptown Funk


-20 minute intermission (with bar for guests only in the intermission – ensemble members get drinks before or after, this is part of the special price!)-

ca. 17:00h Coriolan Overture
opening words Annie
Fantasia on Greensleeves
The Complete Harry Potter
ca. 17:30h Transition talk Annie, choir files in
A Christmas Festival
Messiah: Comfort Ye + Ev’ry Valley (tenor solo)
Messiah: He Shall Feed His Flock (alto solo) / Come Unto Him (soprano solo)
Messiah: And He Shall Purify
Messiah: For Unto Us
Messiah: Hallelujah Chorus

Outtro talk Annie/ singers come down from risers – lights come down on stage
ENCORE 1: Blessing
ENCORE 2: A Christmas Festival from bar 186 to end

On completion, all ensembles stay until instruments, equipment, timpani, chairs, stands are cleared off the stage and packed and the Clubroom is fully empty, cleared of personal effects and ESME papers/schedules. The transition team will be coordinating the different ensembles to see to see to this happen. Please cooperate with them so we can jointly leave the venue:

BB: Sarah Ready, Daniel Schulz (for transporting drum kit to his car)
Orchestra: Laszlo Faskerti, Ágnes Szűcs
Choir: Claudia Winkler., Jason Meade, Stewart Black.