Donate to ESME

ESME e.V. is of course a registered Verein, which means we can issue receipts for tax-deductible donations (in Germany).  All you need to do is a bank draft to this account:

Name: ESME e.V.
Account: 0350400800
Bankleitzahl: 70070024 (Deutsche Bank)
IBAN: DE41 7007 0024 0350 4008 00
Purpose/Zweck: [YEAR] Donation – [YOUR NAME]

The Zweck or Purpose is very important for our bookkeeping: without that word Donation we cannot give you a donation receipt.

You will earn our eternal gratitude as well as assist us to continue our work (and fun) as a Verein.

We used one donation recently to invest in VereinOnline, the club membership managing software which will make it easier for us to ensure we are compatible with the new German data privacy laws coming into effect in 2018.  One thing we use donations for is to occasionally purchase new instruments like a whip (not an actual whip, but some very special wood that sounds like a whip — our treasurer made our orchestra conductor promise to program a whip sound once a year to make sure that investment would amortize!).  See if you can identify it at our Christmas Concert this year, Dec. 10!

Would you be interested in more updates on our investments?  Write us at!