Hiya fans,

First off, our Winter Concert is only a few weeks away!!!

We will be performing at the Münchner Künstlerhaus on Sunday 10th December at 16:00 – and you can buy your tickets in advance via this link.  As always with ESME, we cover all kinds of territory in this concert — The Complete Harry Potter, Beethoven’s Coriolan Overture, Morten Lauridsen’s O Nata Lux, a new arrangement of the traditional Irish Blessing (“May the road always rise to meet you…”)  The Resident Alien Big Band will groove with Uptown Funk and The Lady Is A Tramp… and more.  Details are available here.

In addition, the Orchestra and Singers will also be performing in a joint charity benefit concert with the Deutsch-Irischer Freundeskreis Bayern and the Paul Daly Band on Sunday 3rd December at 14:00 at the Ludwigskirche.  It is free, and all proceeds will go to the Initiative krebskranke Kinder München e.V., Münchener Elternstiftung-Lichtblicke für schwerkranke und krebskranke Kinder, and the Elterninitiative Intern 3 im Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderspital München e.V.    More details on this free charity event are here.

In other news…

July – Summer Concert

Our Summer Concert, entitled “Sing, Swing, Strings!” proved to be a great success! All three ensembles took to the stage offering the usual variety of classical and contemporary music, from excerpts of Mozart’s Requiem to a wonderful medley from The Wizard of Oz (costumes included!). The Resident Alien Big Band also delighted us with some great tunes from the 1940s, featuring a live swing dance performance – a first for ESME!



June-September – Big Band Performances

The Resident Alien Big Band had a busy summer with various additional performances. In June they had the amazing opportunity to perform on stage in Marienplatz at the city’s Stadtgründungsfest – the anniversary of Munich’s founding. The band was a huge hit, with crowds of people watching, singing and even dancing along to the music! Many members of the other ensembles also came along to show support and enjoy the sunshine – all in all a great day!






They then participated again at the Munich Summerfest at Rindermarkt – once again entertaining the public with some fabulous tunes, and catching some dancers in spite of the rain!




Last but not least in the RABB summer calendar was a date at the Münchner Hofbräuhaus — again, RAIN came, but didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits as they moved from the courtyard beergarden to the Festhalle.  (The dance floor’s better in there anyway!)


October – Weekend Away at Alteglofsheim

With the Autumn Season well under way, it was time for another ESME Weekend Away – this time in the beautiful grounds of the Bayerische Musikakademie in Alteglofsheim. Around 80 musicians (Singers, Orchestra and Big Band) made their way there one Friday evening ready for a weekend of musical fun. And it certainly did not disappoint! As well as the many hours of ensemble practice and progress, we were also treated to lessons in Swing Dancing and Percussion (with guest instructors Marius Schmidl and Toby Müller). Somehow many still found time for country walks, lively games and plenty of late night jamming around the piano!!! As usual, not much time for sleep…

Wishing you all the best for the festive months ahead and looking forward to see you all at one of our upcoming events!

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Hiya fans,

Our biggest news, of course, is that our Summer Concert tickets have just gone on sale at http://bit.ly/sing_swing_strings_tickets !  The concert itself is called Sing, Swing, Strings!, on July 8 at the Gasteig, and we’re excited to try a couple of experiments — we’re trying out one single ticket price of 15 euros for everyone, and no reserved seats.  That’s right — come early to grab your preferred place!  Reduced admissions for children and students are 8 euros.

Of course the show will be packed with our traditional variety, including Mozart, Glenn Miller, some Andrews Sisters, a bit of Bizet, a couple gospel numbers, the Monty Python theme tune (did you know it was written by John Philip Sousa?)… you know how it goes!

If you missed our sold-out Spring Concert on April 22 in the Einstein Kulturzentrum, we have made a few videos available — including this one of some spontaneous musicking at the after party!  The staff at the Unionsbräu was very accommodating, but it’s a good thing we had the entire room to ourselves.


We had our Annual General Meeting on Sunday, May 21, and we congratulate Michael von Glasow on his election to the position of Vice-Chair after Sarah Mulloy has stepped down after two successful terms!  Annie Janssen was reelected as Artistic Manager, while Elaine Cole and Genevieve Cory continue in their terms as Treasurer and Chair.  We are currently without a Secretary, but the Board is working on how to fill that spot soon (and start the notarizing!) – and perhaps founding an entire Concert Coordination Committee.  As our organization expands, the tasks somehow do not become fewer!

ESME e.V. is playing more gigs than ever before! Tomorrow, June 11, at 15:00 in the Stadtteilkultur 2411 at Hasenbergl, the Singers will be performing together with the Munich Korean Women’s Choir.  Stadtteilkultur 2411 was our rehearsal venue for the Singers and Orchestra in 2016, and it’s a lovely space in the north of town. There will be coffee and cake in the interval, and the show is free (but donations are accepted).  Location details are in the gig post.


The Resident Alien Big Band (RABB) is excited to perform in front of thousands of people at the City of Munich’s Stadtgründungsfest on Saturday, June 17!  They will perform at Marienplatz, right in the center of town, at 14:45.  This is a very prestigious opportunity for us, and they’ve been working and networking for years to get this chance to perform at one of the city’s biggest summer weekend festivals.  The whole program is here, and it’s an entire weekend of fun: http://www.muenchen.de/veranstaltungen/event/8060/programm.html

The Aliens will be moving faster than the speed of camera shutters as they groove onstage:








Look for members of other ensembles in the audience wearing their blue ESME t-shirts and carrying the ESME banner, as demonstrated at the Expat in the City Fair in March:





We hope to see you on June 11, June 17, and / or July 8!

Dear ESME fans,
we are very excited about our next show coming up on April 22, 2017 – it’s our annual Spring Concert with the Singers and all the ensembles that members have put together independently.

And for the first time, we’re selling our tickets online ourselves!  Linked from our Facebook page and website and Twitter and Toytown, and directly here:

We’re using the shop and calendar function of our new club software, called VereinOnline (programmed just north of Munich in Ismaning!).  Our initial purchase was funded by a generous (and tax-deductible!) donation, but we hope that by selling tickets ourselves and avoiding the third-party commission, we can defray the costs in future years.  This also gives us more flexibility in arranging our ticket prices — and more control of and information about our sales.

We’re also now sending out this newsletter via the new software, instead of via Google Groups — they were getting difficult to maintain, so we’re streamlining our processes.  There is still an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each (emailed) edition! You can sign up for the newsletter by clicking here and following the instructions.

The new software makes no difference to the way we run our rehearsals, but the Orchestra and Singers have moved to the Russian Kulturzentrum GOROD at Harras — closer to the center of town than Hasenbergl, our home for the last few seasons — and GOROD can store our timpani so they can be used in rehearsals again!  The Big Band still enjoys their base at the KreativGarage, where we also often hold our Annual General Meeting.

Other exciting recent events included a master class for our strings players and a performance by Turkish professor Orhan Ahıskal, on a short tour of Germany in early April.  The reviews on Facebook indicate that he was a great hit! https://www.facebook.com/OrhanAhiskal/posts/1296130537130617

The Spring Weekend Away at Bad Schussenried was another great success: anyone who wasn’t there missed out on Pillowmeister 3000, the 2am guitars, and the Sunday rehearsal naps in the corner.  Can’t wait until autumn when we’ll do it all again…

Our Big Band is excited to be able to play at the Stadtgründungsfest (City Founding Festival) on June 17 at 14:45 — right at Marienplatz!  It’s a great milestone for us, and we hope to continue such collaborations with the city. http://www.esme-ev.de/shows/the-resident-alien-big-band-plays-the-munchner-stadtgrundungsfest/

The Summer Concert Sing, Swing, Strings! will be July 8 at Gasteig, and all three ensembles are rehearsing our Mozart, our Wizard of Oz, and our Andrews Sisters numbers.  http://www.esme-ev.de/shows/esme-summer-2017-concert/ has the calendar event for you!

Just this week we’ve got the ESME logo uploaded to our own shop at spreadshirt.de so anyone can buy ESME logo merchandiseesme-ev.de/spreadshirt

We’ve been uploading more videos recently too, all listed on our website videos page, and posted on Facebook and Twitter too.  The most recent are David Bowie’s Space Oddity in a choral SATB arrangement from our Spring Concert 2016 as well as the orchestra playing the Overture to Beethoven’s Egmont at the Summer Concert 2016:

We hope to see you at concerts or rehearsals soon!
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The Munich Summer Ball, which was hosted in July by ESME e.V. and organised by members of our Resident Alien Big Band, raised over EUR 700 for for “Musik schafft Heimat”, a project instigated by the Bayerische Philharmonie within the major initiative “Integration und Toleranz“ of the Wertebündnis Bayern to help integrate refugees into their new home in Munich through the universal language of music.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of watching some of these groups perform at the Bayerische Philharmonie’s open day in Munich Pasing.

The male singers were all wearing T-shirts with names of cities – Aleppo, Homs, Damaskus – followed by “Munich”; cities we have all heard far too much about in the news. They sang together about “Heimat” and ended with their own version of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”. Their wives and children stood proudly in the audience and cheered with everybody else at the end of each song. A further group played on traditional Syrian instruments.

It is impossible for us to imagine what these people have been through, both at home and on the 47-day trek to a better life in Germany. It is wonderful to see them smiling and making music together here in Munich. Please take time to have a look at their website: http://www.bayerische-philharmonie.de/Navigation/Soziales-Engagement/Musik-schafft-Heimat


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ESME at the “Expat in the City” Fair

Following the success of last year’s “Expat in the City”, our musicians once again signed up to help set up and run the ESME booth at this year’s event, which was held in the BMW World at Olympiazentrum, on Sunday 6 March. Many members of  the public expressed an interest in our organisation and signed up to either join an ensemble  or attend one of our concerts. A small section of the choir gave the audience a taster of the upcoming Spring Concert with a section of the song “Nelly Bly” – which was very well received!


ESME Spring Weekend Away

On Friday 11 March, around 70 ESME members gathered at the Alexander von Humboldt Institut in Bad Schüssenried for another weekend of music-making. All three ensembles were well represented and enjoyed the many hours of rehearsal, thanks to the continued dedication and enthusiasm of their directors. By Saturday night each ensemble was ready to perform something from this season’s repertoire to the rest of the group.  The Big Band’s pieces were particularly spectacular!

Thankfully there was also time for the usual banter and late-night fun, which always make these events so memorable.  All in all an excellent weekend, and members can look forward to the next one in early October!

Spring Concert

An additional date for your Diary: Saturday 23 April at 19:00 

The ESME Choir presents a wide selection of tunes, ranging from gospel and folk to classical and pop, plus a variety of performances from smaller instrumental and vocal groups. 

It promises to be an evening of great musical entertainment.  Hope to see you there!

More details here:       Spirit of Spring  –  2016 Spring Concert

Spirit of Spring