ESME e.V. Conductors and Staff

benediktholnaicher Benedikt Holnaicher
Benedikt showed considerable interest in music at a young age and began by studying the violin, later switching to viola. His enthusiasm for music history led him to study musicology, philosophy and theatre at university in Munich.
In addition to conducting the ESME orchestra, Benedikt performs in ensembles in and around Munich as a viola player and singer.
20150425_181550_IMG_0549 Eric Weddle
Eric has been involved in music for most of his life – from his high school marching band, university jazz band, university choir, musical theater and barbershop quartets, to teaching general music and directing school choirs for the last fifteen years. He holds masters degrees in Music Education and Instructional Technology and currently resides and teaches in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
 davysax Davy Kazan
The Resident Alien Big Band 

Davy Kazan fell in love with jazz at the tender age of 12, when he took up playing the saxophone at school. He spent many a weekend sneaking into Sydney’s jazz clubs while still underage because he wanted to listen to the music. After qualifying as a chartered accountant he forgot about his saxophone for over 20 years, and rekindled his love of music when he joined ESME after moving to Munich. Davy has managed the Big Band for a number of years and this year has stepped up to leading the band too.If you are interested in having the Big Band play at your event, please contact
The ESME e.V. Board and Helpers
No association would be able to function without the volunteers who spend their leisure time organising everything.
Chair: Genevieve Cory (term ending 2018)
Vice Chair: Michael von Glasow (term ending 2019)
Treasurer: Elaine Cole (term ending 2018)
Artistic Director: Annie Janssen (term ending 2019)
Secretary: Marie Lechler (term ending 2019)and extra special thanks to all the diligent ESME helpers, the advisory board members and the Big Band management team.